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How a simple family business flourished with the help of social media

By Miguel Montes9 months ago3 minutes

how-a-family business-in-quezon-city-circle-flourished-with-the-help-of-social-media
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Thanks to social media, what started as a simple garden shop in Quezon City Circle is now a flourishing family business. Here’s how Filmer Evangelista used social media to grow The Lush Life; an online shop that sells indoor plants, cactuses, and succulents.

Planting the seeds: How their family business started

Merly Evangelista, Filmer’s Mother (left) and Filmer Evangelista (right), arranging plants in their store.

Filmer’s family has owned and closed a few businesses since 2011, but that didn’t stop them from experimenting. Fast forward to 2017, Merly — Filmer’s mother — met friends who introduced her to gardening. After finding fascination in plants, she started Merly’s Garden and offered gardening and landscaping services in Quezon City Circle.

Watering the plants: How social media helped in growing their family business

After seeing that her mother’s business turned out quite well, Filmer and her brother decided to expand their family business. They made a social media page and named the online business The Lush Life — a declaration that moving forward, their family will experience a lush life.

Cactuses and succulents by The Lush Life

Plenty of Filmer’s friends and officemates fell in love with their indoor plants, cactuses, and succulents. A few likes, shares, and orders later, the business grew even further and started offering souvenirs for weddings.

Event souvenirs by The Lush Life

What Filmer finds most fulfilling about running The Lush Life is when her customers say that their plants help them relieve stress and it makes them happy — and that makes her happy as well.

Growing problems: The little hurdles in growing The Lush Life

Filmer shared that she hasn’t fully gotten the hang of things in running their online business and that she still finds a few administrative and operational tasks challenging. She struggles with keeping track of her available products, and her customers started looking for different payment options ever since she created a social media page for her business.

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Here comes the sun: Helping The Lush Life flourish further

Inspired by Filmer’s journey in growing their business, we shared how Qarabao can help her manage their family business better.

Qarabao is a business management tool that helps business owners with their daily tasks. These tasks include taking inventory of your products and receiving payments from your customers, which both used to be Filmer’s struggles until she found out about Qarabao.

“Nakakatulong siya saakin sa micro managing aspect ng business. Makikita mo talaga piece by piece kung ilan na lang natitira and kung kailangan mo nang mag-restock.” —Filmer Evangelista

Watch: Ang paglago ng garden shop nina Filmer Evangelista

Qarabao also has order management, shipping management, customer relationship management, and reports and analytics. Learn more about how these features can help you run your business by signing up for a 30-day free trial. You can also schedule a free one-on-one demo if you need help getting started.

“Mapapadali yung kanilang trabaho sa pagbu-business. Kapag mas madali or mas efficient sila, mas may time sila for their families. Mas may time sila to do other things na gusto nilang gawin bukod sa business nila.” —Filmer Evangelista

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